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Sunday, April 06, 2003

Anti-Polio Campaign - Roar for the eradication - Combat for better future
The voice raised to the largest ever in world history against Poliomyelitis epidemic when India launched immunization campaign this february. We assured more than 165 million children in the subcontinent for a better tomorrow. The idea is to eradicate and develop the immune to fight for the trusted and polio free world. More than 1.3 million volenteer team kept their promise to reach door to door and work at booths for the immunization with a a capacity of 200 million doses. The fact cannot be denied for last five years we are striving to achieve the success but still total of 66% cases of polio were registered in U.P. (site). UNICEF claims India is one of the two countries in the world active in country wide campaign besides Nigeria.
via this : Polio eradication is facing a funding gap of US$ 275 million worldwide, and US$ 100 million in India alone. To help counter this shortfall, Rotary International is intensifying its fundraising efforts with the goal of raising US$ 80 million by June 2003 - in addition to the US$ 500 million Rotary has committed since 1985. "We will do everything in our power to ensure that nothing derails the dream of a polio-free world," commented Bill Sergeant of Rotary International.
Morale of the Story : 15% of UP children at risk from polio:
The World Health Organisation (WHO) said on Sunday nearly 15 per cent of children in Uttar Pradesh were at risk from polio because of shortcomings in an eradication drive. We need to drive again, and we will.