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Monday, March 31, 2003

How many lives for a Gallon?
A placecard in Kolkata Anit-war rally, can be an eye opener. This war seems like having rage for Petro-Politics. Another reason why the petro dollars are more valid than American dollars.
After this we have a substancial reason for searching a new alternative for a huge consumption of oil all over the world. If the alternative is not compatible with the current oil consumption engines. We have to think of what are we going to with the huge mass of motor cars, aeroplanes, ships and also the small small equipments whoch are based on IC Engines. I am very sure this will lead to great wars after a few decades when these middle east oil wells will start drying. today US or allied nations might be saving their oil for next few decades but definitely that will not serve them long. Many of the scientist have tried lot of things for the making a new fueling method, mostly tried are the biochemical means.
All they tried to be inefficient than current solution. Nuclear energy resource is definitley considerable solution. But this alternative is prone to make radiations waste which is harmful to life. Anything we choose is for making this beautiful earth polluted. Just try to find a reasonable one. Ideally one which does not make any pollution. The countries which do not have any resources for petroleum, they should think of this very seriously. Anwers is start early and reach early. Otherwise the day is not far when third world war is faught for oil, with nuclear energy products.