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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Add Command prompt to explorer context menu


Its been always a long process to reach to desired folder using "cd" command on Command Prompt. It was easier to have a context menu for any folder in Windows Explorer as "Start command here". I had been using it for such a long time, so don't know who told me how to do this, but recently a friend asked me so thought it is easier to post a blog and point him to the post.

  1. Open Windows explorer


  2. Go to Tools menu -> Folder Options -> File Types. You can probably reach this place via control panel also.

  3. Select "Folder" remember not to select "File Folder" and click on "Advanced". I already have created "command" as my context menu so you will see that here too.

  4. Click New and put Action as "Start command here" and Application used as absolute path to cmd.exe usually it is in your system32 directory.

  5. Click "Ok" and then "Close" to get back to Windows Explorer.
  6. Right click on any folder in Windows Explorer to see the context menu added.

Good luck!!


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