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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Shri Satyanarayan Pooja Katha and Photograph

Every year, in the month of Shravan as per India calendar, me and my wife decided to arrange Satyanarayan Pooja. Last year was the most pleasure, this year we are doing with same spirit and devotion on August 12, 2006.
I had been searching for Katha in Marathi, expectation was atleast told and made as I heard since my childhood.

Everywhere I could see Maharashtrians posting requests to send one or where do you get it. It is really difficult in US to have that fantacy unless there is somebody who is scanning and emailing that. This year decided to spread the pleasure by providing a copy to all. Check this page for Satyanarayan Pooja. Completely in Marathi.
There is also a photograph for your use.
Let me know what you think, post a comment here if you need anything else. Allow me sometime before I can make it available, but your comments are more valuable.


Aarya said...

Thanks for the satyanarayan Katha.we are staying in dubai and i needed something like this for doing Puja at home.and this was really useful.
punha ekda thank u.

Anonymous said...

Shree SatyaNarayan pooja aani Katha internet svaruupat blogmadhye antarbhut karuun paradeshee raahanaarya marathi baandhavaanaa aapan khupch molaachi madat keli aahe. Etarahi Poojapath aapan Blogmadhye antarbhut karanaar aahat kaa ? tashi apeksha karato.
Suyash chintito,
Dr. Gurudas Banavalikar.

Anonymous said...

Date : 15 Dec 2006
Dear Vishal,
I am writing this mail just to thank you for helping me through your web site.
Actually I was searching, searching and searching for satyanarayana pooja but couldn't find proper procedure
and katha on Internet, mostly they were all south Indian pooja procedures, got frustrated and found your site.
Cant tell you how u liteup my face by uploding satyanarayan katha and specialy photo on web.

Ooooooooops forgot to introduce myself. my name is
Mrs Sonali Metkar , I live in UK . We just purchased a new house so doing pooja in our new house.
And its easily possible for us because of you.

Thanks a lot.


Anonymous said...

Date : 20 Jan 2007

Hi Mr.Vishal

I was searching for satyanarayana pooja & katha in Marathi on google, until now i could find only english versions & used that to perform the same. I was planning to perform satyanarayana pooja in my house & today while searching on google i found the marathi version you have stored. It is really helpful, thanks. I am Amit Khire & am from pune now here in Lexington,Ky since last 2 yrs. It was nice to get the marathi version of the pooja, i am really happy. Thanks once again.

Amit Khire

Anonymous said...

Hey brother, thanx for the Satyanarayan Katha and finally i found it today.

Prashant Aware
[email protected]
San Antonio, TX, USA

Anonymous said...

Go to for Satyanarayan katha

Anonymous said...

Go to for Satyanarayan katha in Audio & text

Anonymous said...

I am very pleased with your website. I think you have done a very beautiful favour to us by loading the Puja and the photographs. This has helped me to mainatin our culture and faith in Pooja and at a Time when I was really longing for it.
Thank you very much.


prajkta said...

hi Vishal,

I think the page for satyanrayan puja is down for maintenance. can you please send me a copy of the puja.. aamhi ya shanviari ( 9th aug) la puja karanr aahot and was banking on your site t take printout as I had seen it earlier. Can you please send it ot me, I will be grateful.

Thanks in advance

Prajkta Malvankar-Kulkarni

Anonymous said...

Cud u please send the list of the things needed for satyanarayan pooja ...thank u

Anonymous said...

Hi Visahl,
I live in UK and wanted to perform Satyanaratan Pooja.
I came across your site through Google search and found all the information that I wanted on the site
The Pooja is tomorrow. Without this information, it would have been very difficult for me to perform this pooja.
Thanks a lot for creating a site like this which really is extremely useful for people like me who live away from their motherland.
God bless you
Thanks and regards,
Ravi Karanjkar

Anonymous said...

Hi Vishal,
The Pooja was performed as per the instructions and the documentation from this site and was to our complete satisfaction.
Thanks once again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vishal,
Can you please give me copy of audio instructions and the katha in marathi? We are planning to perform the puja on Jan 3.


Pralhad said...

I am not able to open the VismiT blog site to get the pooja docuemnt. Can some one pls send it to my email id [email protected]

Anonymous said...

Thankyou very much. I am in USA and wanted to do pooja here with my parents...This helped me alot...Thanks once again.