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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Competition - MSN - Google - We sing Kajara re


About 8 months back I uploaded whole Diwali Party on Google video. Thought it was awesome. Then here it is MSN Video a product of competition. I am so happy to see this. This competition has given us Windows Live, a next generation of web accessories from MS. Though these Live tools are a long way from beating Google's Froogle, Spreadsheet, Notebook, Reader. Both of these competitors are more or less in BETA mode, but their products are very usable. I personally use them. Yahoo!! is also not away from competition, try Yahoo's Farechase. I really dont care who wins, I know, whoever wins will be the best product. There is so much of population, so nobody will be out of business, unless they are bought by other.
Try out the new Notebook from Google. I requested Google to provide RSS feed for the Public notebooks. Then I can read other feeds and make notes on MSN Live pages or Google Reader. This competition has also given us the 2 GB Email space. Gmail started this trend and now anyone who is less than 2 GB is out of business. Gmail provides an edge over as it is ever growing space. MSN Live Beta has also started a trial for Hotmail with 2 GB. You have to sign up for that.
The best thing out of competition is handshake betweeen Yahoo Messager and MSN Messenger. The Windows Live Messager Beta can talk to Yahoo Messenger with Voice and vice versa. Read this MS Note and Yahoo Note. In Hindi, "Dushman ka dushman, dost hota hai!!", means "Enemy's enemy becomes your friend". Bottom line, this competition is giving us great tools online, some slick web programming from giants. We all sing "Kajara re!!".