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Wednesday, April 16, 2003

"TEHELKA.COM - At the horizon where sun sets."

Tarun Tejpal started the website for investigative jornalism on Indian Defense. The site has seen a lot of fame, admire and overwhelming response for the website. Now after two years of publication he is left with three contributors and a few desktops. They have sold out virtually everyhing, still having the desire to start a Sunday newspaper for revamping of the website and the aggressive journalism. The independent investigations led it different paths and then audience started questioning of facts. Tarun captured a vast publicity and attention after Telelka reporters to pose as arms salesman and made public verdict for involvement of top Indian political leader. The Ministry of Defense was put tough questioning and investigation of the all the suspected names.
The expelling of Defense Minister, was the pinnacle of the fame. Then Central Bureau of Investigation raided the offices. Now all the strong holds in politics took all cares to bankrupt Tarun.
I guess anything with out facts, will result int he same. We all agree that we have corrupt politicians. Who doesn't agree? I guess all politicians also agree. This is definitely end of the story of a fraudulent website. The concept or the motive might be good but he had no rights to blame on country's best politicians.... after all unless proved, all are clean.