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Friday, January 17, 2003

"Leave me alone"
I am waiting to hear this from our great President APJ Abdul Kalam. This person is with extraordinary brain for changes. He can handle the new ideas in better way. A born scientist has a vision as well as feelings for disabled children. He had a dream of implantable bio-neuro-chips for metally challenged children.
Some curiosities turned the stones and now it may happen as a reality. A good leader is the one who who just merely has ideas, I will say vision. A good manager has ability to get it done, he has power or power and always a good follower makes it happen best. I am really helpless in defining APJ Abdul Kalam.
A visionary is always needed to bring up a nation but a scientist... why are we pushing him in politics. It is a quagmire. People drown in that. Politics is good for good ... seems like. If somebody has power and a good vision as APJ has, can do a lot better things, as APJ is doing. a wonderful example of ones abilities. .......