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Thursday, January 16, 2003

Thursday, January 16, 2003 (Mumbai):
Senior leader and Congress MP Sushil Kumar Shinde is set to take over as Maharashtra's new Chief Minister. A consensus on his appointment emerged at the Congress Legislature Party (CLP) meeting in Mumbai today.
Indian Politics is the reason. Indian politics is more than you can ever talk about. There is no end. Just seen the news as Sushil Kumar Shinde is elected as Congress leader will replace Vilasrao Deshmukh. This elections merely seems to be the understanding between two leaders who are for the chair. I was reading InstaPundit written about the Presidential Elections in United States. As per Glenn Reynolds view he is right saying that "The system are designed to select or elect who love their job", but this doesn't seems like. It may be true in USA but cannot be in India. Priya Raj has not drawn any "Caricature Person In The News" for Mr. Shinde other wise I would have linked it by now.
It is really a shame that after 50+ years of Independence Mr. Shinde will be the first Dalit CM of Maharashtra. Dont we people feel bad to say "I am not racist"? Seems like Uttar Pradesh State is more advanced in India, they have so called overcame the racism. But still a long way to go for them too.

In the Maharashtra Legislature, Shinde and Deshmukh were known as do hanso ka joda. They were good friends and they will be.... Hope they prove to be good friends of common man in Maharashtra also.