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Friday, January 17, 2003

MANUSHI Manushi, founded in 1978, is a serious journal which aims to bridge the gap between academic/scholarly writing and popular literature. The magazine analyses political, economic and social issues from a people-oriented perspective.
A fair distance maintained by the magazine between reality and the journalism. They donn speak which is not undoable.... reading through found an article on Women in politics. their roles and values are more discussed than their contributions. Do they really take advantage of them being women? Why they should not. The women in India feel so oppressed and if a woman can lead the country, they become proud, feel one who herself doing it. In India, women who prove themselves stronger and more commanding than men are able to use their gender to advantage rather than it becoming a liability for them. The mesmeric hold Indira Gandhi acquired over the Indian imagination is largely due to her ability to frighten and manipulate male politicians and make them act as her minions. Indian men don�t seem to feel embarrassed or resentful falling at the feet of such women but they can be both clumsy and aggressive with most women who clamour for equality or appear vulnerable and dependent.