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Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Vajpayee to 'retire' if current peace effort fails
[via Economic Times: Politics/Nation]
A great leader has taken the stand to step back. There is always a proverb true for all of the peace efforts saying "You cannot achieve anything by playing flute infront of a buffelo". Pakistani politics has been a pan for a long and the attitude towards India has been like "Kutte ki Doom". I am very sure, normal Pakistani would also be opposing the Anti-India opinions.
Indian Prime Minister is determined to solve the issues but they are still adament on the same philosophy. They were able to fool the world and also the Pakistanis but I am not sure how long they will be abel to do this now. The peace keeping forces are sacrificing their lives in Kashmir for more than 50 years now. Billions of Dollars both the nations are wasting on the security systems at border. If the same funds had been utilised in proper dfirections, we could have succeeded in solving may of our root problems other than the sacrifice.
The pakistani forces must be short of Afghani militant by now, who were supposed to make make terrorism show in Kashmir (Thanks to USA).