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Friday, May 30, 2003

People like us across the border
There is a realisation; we are the same people. When we see the people from across the border whether on their arrival here or on the Pak TV we cannot make out one from the other. Why this animosity? We are living with it for the past 50 years.
But then real brothers also have it for some similar reasons after they start living separately. It may last for many years, but in due course bones of contention crumble and cordiality evolves. Their children relish the kinship and proudly declare in larger gatherings that they are cousins.
Let the people of this sub-continent rediscover this kinship. Are we at such a threshold; alas there are more fears than hopes. But then hope sustains us. This is bound to happen sooner or later.
--S.K. Aggarwal
Long back I tried to speak to ADNAN, I remember I received a lot of hits from various websites. Does this mean they love us? or this means they are curious about us? Some of them wrote mails also, some were really judgemental, describing the disagreements on all the topics we have in mind.