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Monday, February 17, 2003

"Worshipping the Heroes"
After a long debate why India lost and what the team should do to get in form, where they lacked in making India success.

The people think more with heart than the brain (In Hindi, Dil se Dimag se nahi). I don't know why the same crowd will go with the best possibilities if India wins a single match out of next 4 matches. All the critics will change the tone and start finding the hopes and creating the same for Indian crowd. Indians are performing worst of their time in cricket. Remember Indians are sentimental people. It is they are trying their best, but still there are few teams who can perform better than them.

If reassess the situation correctly, when India wins, the skipper gets least appreciation, even though he gets, he will have to distribute for all his boys, but when he looses, only the skipper has been blamed. Why? Saurav Ganguli is not able to perform so as all members of the team, but now he can not speak out his mind and say hell... he didnt perform so as he says he performed when India wins.

We are cricket lovers
Surely we are, it is in blood, since the childhood, cricket has been imbibed in us. The time when the kid cannot hold the bat, he starts to like Sachin Tendulkar. Indian family women who never played cricket in their life, knows what happened in last world cup better than a college cricket team player. The motor cycle is sell increases if it is advertised by a Cricketer. So accept it, people all over the world gather in front of TV to see India playing cricket, they would kill the player if the team looses at that time. However, fact is, they will see all the matches coming forth. They will hope a victory for all the matches. If we win India Pakistan match, they will consider that is more than getting World Cup. They do not perform the prayers for the disasters, but they will be holistic ceremonies for good luck to the team. Whatever they perform, the sentimental crowd loves to watch Indian team play. Sachin Tendulkar, the heroism, inspires millions of Indians, for the spirit of Cricket. Cricket is life for Indians.

No wonder
Still I feel, we need heroes to play, we don�t consider crucial 20 runs if they made India win, we need 200 runs success story to tell. I could not see a single line of appreciation for Harbhajan Singh, for the better hits in last match, because at last we lost. We never spoke about the worst performance of bowlers. Why? Because all media is for selling the stuff and they understand, Indian emotions are played around if you hit on batsmen because it is something you call as "Dukhati Rug". Harbhajan Singh, Sehwag, Mongia have never faced McGrath, Shoib, Vasim, they are new guys. More point is what happened to experienced players.

It is very obvious, that all those who are blaming the captain may be the players also will definitely watch all the matches just with the hope they will see better in line. Amen!