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Monday, February 17, 2003

Satta - The Power
Satta means the political power, the name for the another political hit movie in Hindi. Somebody had thought on story and direction more than "Masaala". The idea of politics has been described in many different ways here in this film. The sense is elaborated once as "The opportunity and ability to transform the society". The idiolism has been removed and tried to reach the reality here. Politics is the way you look at it. It can transform in any direction, we have to see which one. Nobody is perfect, saying is for accomplishing the success for society, it can happen the politician will have to commit something which is undoable but can't help it.

We still do not forget about the heros in the politics, the politics in India is still driven by the great leaders. We cherish the greatness in memories, but never checked back their realities. Still the votes are soaked based on the race, sex, caste and also the great leaders where as they have to be based on the individualism of the every contestant. I agree the party has to be considered for having a stable governement. If we cannot decide amongst good or bad that is shame on us, on our learned intellect. A stable goverment needs good leaders, who can make better goverment. It has to start today but that will lead to stable goverment in future. The ability to get to the power makes it worst when it comes to lust of money and power. A human has a tendency to change and it has been very common to surrender to it. We have to choose right one from them by making a balance between both.