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Thursday, September 05, 2002

Work to till you break
Working is always a fun, especially in younger age. Why do we work so hard? for food? not really? for food we don't need to work so hard. We can get that within less work also. Only thing we work for is I guess we become workahlic. Some are extremist also. Some are fanatic too.
Workign with the people you want to makes it a fun but still working the way you want is more than that. The way is more important than what we work on beacause it makes you work. There can be the better way of working for making more fun, but there cannot be the what we work on better one.
The money is always more powerful than anything else.. I agree. The way we have to spend the is equally important. Any one can earn to live, any illiterate can earn more than required for his living, but spending that in a right way is a challenge. If you keep the money by pushing your desires, then it cannot be the money that you slogged for. Desires are more important than your needs.
So what we work for? need or desire? Just the desire cannot make us work? Then what?
May be we work fro the passion, passing time, working on the things we want to? or for money? These questions are still there.
Are You a Workaholic?
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