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Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Florida : DisneyLand : Universal Studios : Daytona Beach : All Fun
I had a long desire to be at Disneyland since my childhood when watched the Disney's cartoon films. All that came true last weekend. One of the heavens on earth for chldren. One of the most enjoying places on this planet is .
Felt like I was about 15 years late to enjoy it. You had feeling as you grow that all these characters are virtual, but tend to believe when you see all in man size at Disney's Magic Kingdom. I been of the age of 10 for enjoying and enjoyed a lot. The park is so huge, that it would take more than 5 days of visit. MGM Studios is the best I liked, the art of movie making fun rides, except the fantasmic show, all rides took the emotions out, scream, laugh, love, cry, dream, dance, roll, jump all was allowed in a day. Parade at MGM was the mind blowing, I could not stop myself from touching the characters in the Parade. All I had seen on TV was happening real, dancing in front of me. Asking me to join, provoking to dance, and stimulatingly happy. That was just not the end, Fantasmic, a light an laser show made for all ages, all disney character lie against Mickey, the Disney corporate symbol.
Being a fan of Donald Duck, I felt like ducks are thrown out of disney by mice. All runs around Mickey...
We love to see Walt Disney's Donald Duck also very much. Could not find Duck nephews also. They are the cutest. But still It was great trip indeed.