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Wednesday, June 19, 2002

:(( One of my friend is no more with me now. He passed away on May 27,2002. I cam to know today only. All my friends, parents tried to hide from me. Nobody could tell me this. Nobody was in the position to tell me. I don't know why? they felt as I am away from home I will not be able to help myself, and now what can I do? Sachin my beloved brother.
Some times I feel nothing is in our hands. All we are just puppets of destiny, Sachin was just of my age, 24, lost in 2 hours due to brain hammerage. May god bless his soul. Still I feel like I am in a bad dream, feeling like dispaired, depressed, all is lost.
But I know the time is the solution for such things, we cannot stop. All this philosophy ends at some point, we just cannot think of anything, words freeze, your throat dries out, you forget what is sadness, the barrier between strength and tears vanishes, you cannot hold yourself. All you can do is impotent cry. Nothing can revert back, sometimes I feel our Software life is better than real life there is always ROLLBACK. But I am quiet sure that God has already issued a COMMIT on his command. He is the super-admin. He is almighty, it is his wish.