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Friday, June 21, 2002

Elephant's Toes, is it a topic to discuss, I doubt if anywone other than bloggers can write about the Elephant's toes. Only bloggers are the people who want to write and let others read about Elephant's toes. Actually Elephant's toes are very important to elephant but seems that they are equally important to bloggers. What is so special about Elephant's toes? Are they really special, u know elephant's toes are really very important, but I don't think so. Elephant's toes are part of the survival organs elephant has got but surely they are of importance to elephant but what they have to do with bloggers? African Elephants and Asian Elephants have got different number of toes they can be distingushed by their toes.
Actually more information about Elephant's toes can be found at Elephant's Toes are hit this week than anywhere else.