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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Project Codename


Recently a very interesting project came my way and making headway thru its architecture and design now. The project is making me think more than ever, surprisingly not about the use cases as much as name for the project.  We picked the concept several times before but was dropped due to politics, financials etc etc. Somehow I feel this is it… we are making it.

Here now comes the important question, what do we name it?

  1. Microsoft has very exciting tradition for naming their pre-production releases with a codename based on places
  2. Apple names their OS as cats
  3. Firefox as Nature parks
  4. Open source projects have weirdest traditions of naming the projects, not yet figured out yet.
  5. O’Reilly has chosen their book covers as animal kingdom
  6. Microsoft press chose the toolbox.
  7. webMethods uses product line major versions by alphabetically.

Longhorn, Leopard, Indigo, Poseidon, Gran Paradiso, Yukon, SharpFreedom, Supertanga, Revolution, Lightning, Lambrate, Orcas, Q98, Fiji, Pendolino, McKinley, there is absolutely nothing in common.

We need to have some fun with the project, pick a mythology and name the components. It is very monotonous to use very overused acronyms that make you feel geeky. Nothing makes sense anymore, use of boring version numbers is monotonous and dry. There may be a need to use these names in pre-release discussions, can be used in namespaces where needed in codebase, naming the codebase with the mythical project name. There are several reasons to name the project with the name that attracts the team.

Still wondering what should be the name of my project?


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