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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Weird ways to save our planet


I agree that there is growing need to save our planet. Global Warming is another major trouble next generation will face. But reading these weird ways to save our earth is just weirdest things I have ever heard.


8 weird ways to save the Earth

Geoengineering, or deliberately tinkering with the earth's climate, could help if global warming proves disastrous for mankind, but the ideas are untested and the risks unknown.



Every idea evolution starts with some weirdness in the beginning. Nobody ever thought about reality in Wireless Electricity (WiTricity) to illuminate a room without any wiring, guess what? it is coming to market hopefully next year. So I am amazed with thinking the scientist have put together to gather alternate ways for saving our planet.

There are several ways to reduce the green house effect, viz, "Reducing emission of green house gas", "Plant trees", "Conserve Energy and Water", and on and on... There is no alternatives to these everyday solutions, but they require a lot of awareness especially in developing and underdeveloped countries like India and China which are achieving their GDP growth at the cost of our planet. Till the awareness and their growth is achieved, it will be futile to get the everyday solutions are implemented and addressed. So these alternatives will boost the plan for saving the planet. Agreed, they are weird solutions, but they are not implemented yet, it will be a while before the real one strikes and get the venture capitalists lock on it. This is just the beginning, there will  be a lot more such ideas to come.

I saw the MasterCard Advertisement about "Helping your dad to be a better man"... priceless. The target audience for awareness is changing now, there are more kids who are climate change aware than before. The environmentalists are finding newer ways to make people aware.


Being a father I hate this advertisement, but this is the most innovative way I have seen to make people aware. I guess they are the ones who are going to face it, I will be long gone before that, but I just don't want them to curse us for what we have done... or how we did not do anything to save this beautiful planet...


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