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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Vacation to India and being grown up

Vacations are never enough and they are never complete. They always come with lot of excitement and also end with lot of laziness. Actually they are supposed to revive you, and make you energetic so that you do the work better than you could ever do. Somehow, I am discovering it is all wrong. Been on a month long vacation to my birthplace, India, I was very very excited to be there, I forgot about all my bindings here in USA, forgot about the people, responsibilities, fun places everything. I could see was only excitement.

The excitement was at so much culmination, I totally forgot about this whole world, I could only smell the India. Enjoyed some days of and discovered more responsibilities at doorstep there, which I had to give time to. This is the time I was feeling the idea of being grown up. The life machine does not stop at the points where you feel it is paused, it keeps on accumulating the duties at doorstep, if you ignore those, they will turn in to backlog. I'm being a normal human completed those, found that the vacation was not really a vacation it was a break from routine duties, but completing those which waited for all the time I was in USA. That also feels good as the change is good for health, life and mind too.

Now if you ask me, I had a great vacation and worst journey back, as the Frankfurt International Airport is designed by meanest people. The restrooms there can accommodate only one person at a time. This is ridiculous when there are thousands passengers flying in and out everyday. The major international flights where passengers flew for more than 8 hours land there in the morning and Frankfurt International Airport can be seen with the long lines for loo. Will try not to fly with Luftansa again.

But, I finally reached USA, away from the hot humid climate, sweaty air, deadly traffice, dirty streets, crowded bazaars, and also extrovert life, lovely people, adorable friends, caring parents, and my beloved country.