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Monday, March 01, 2004

Look@Microsoft Shared Source Initiative
Microsoft after a long time of legal battles, is releasing Windows source code to customers, Goverments and partners and also to developers. Off course one needs to accept the Shared Source Licensing Terms from Microsoft. There are several modles are opened up for making this a success. That definitely means the source code is not for everybody.
Through the Shared Source Initiative, Microsoft advances several important objectives:
  • Bolster the freedom and success of customers, partners, researchers, and developers by affording them expanded access to source code.
  • Enable Windows users to ensure the integrity and security of their computing environments.
  • Enrich the development community by providing the tools to produce outstanding software.
  • Improve feedback processes that play a critical role in developing better Microsoft products for business and individual consumers of software.
  • Enhance educational opportunities and to cultivate a vigorous software industry of the future by placing technology in the hands of universities throughout the world.
  • Preserve the intellectual property rights that historically have fostered unparalleled innovation and growth in the global software industry.
You can actually get the Windows source code under the enterprise licensing, Windows CE source code, Smart Devices Developer samples, C#/JScript/CLI Implemetation all for free of cost. I really didn't believe that unless I downloaded the Windows CE source code.