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Sunday, June 15, 2003

All Attributes of CSS for CSS Scraper
I had received a lot of requests to open the links for all attributes in a single page. Today got some time so wrote a PHP page which lists all attributes. Here is the link.
This list is the list for all attributes I have information about when I wrote the CSS Scraper. This utility is used to check the all CSS attributes used in a URL provided for the compatibility for a perticular browser. You need to provide a URL only not the whole CSS file. Actually, the code checks for the inline style information also. I knwo there are lot of tools available on internet which tell you if it is upto the standards, but there is nobody who can tell you if it is compaible. In my opinion, whatever works is a standard, I dont care what W3C says. If the standardized tag doesn't work in a perticular browser, it is of no use for me, because I have to get so way around to get it working in that browser, because my user is using that.
"We all work in Customer focus environment, what works for my user is my standard."