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Tuesday, February 04, 2003

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The NRI boy comes to India on a quick trip to inspect the prospects lined up by his mother. He wants her to have the traditions of his mother, and the polish and poise of his Western female colleagues at work. All three varieties of �dollar brides� have the opportunity that almost none gets in India, to build careers in competition with men and practically no discrimination against them. Some also look for escape to a more comfortable and hassle-free life.
Marriage system works in India is totally different than any other place in the world. Earlier it used to be research based system where the parents search for right match based on the family background and also so called science of Kundali (in english Horoscope based), actually I don't believe in this but still people call it is. The visit to brides place to see the brides house as well as to "exam" bride. The patriarchial society leading to the serious misconducts in the heavenly assembly of marriage is not uncommon in India. Still we see the harassment cases from all parts of India for dawry.

After a long time a new struggle started in India for going out of India. Parents now want a groom who is an NRI if possible with the green card. It becomes very difficult for me to understand the inclination. I guess still we need some time for common girls in India to understand that they have to be independent. Getting married with a settled (I mean finacially) is not final resort. I would say allow we guys also to enjoy the pleasure being the husband of a NRI wife. I am sure there are a few like that, still the majority lies with guys only.

In the era when they are fighting for the right of equality in India, they have to realise that if they expect a guy to offer them his seat in a bus, they are fooling around the right of equality,

It seems like these brides and grooms too, forget about their own career to get along with their prospective spouse. They are ready to sacrifice their whole education and also the dreams. They become the independent..... or I will say a dependent visa holder. This is does NOT mean they are money minded, but this is the changing trend in Indian society.