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Tuesday, January 28, 2003

"Blogging Indian Fundametalist : Bal Thackeray "
Balasaheb Thackeray, the autocratic leader and also the founder of notorious organisation named Shiv Sena. His control over the the political (I have not seen any famous work by Shiv Sena that can not be described as POLITICAL) organisation has been nurtured by the love from his followers, known as "Shiv Sainik". The relationship between the sainik and Sena Pramukh is totally undefined as the this leader reign is ultimate charisma. I am very sure this condition will persist in party wide elections. Thackeray is very famous for his abilities to motivate the saininks, he is a real very articulate. He had never been any of the chair politics. The followers understand he does not need power and also he is not interested in wealth too.

By-product of democracy
I guess the followers separate the realms of public office and private business and make a distinction between political and "purely economic" corruption. After knowing the facts about the criticism controlled over the Thackeray family and top guns in Shiv Sena, they make the fair judgement. Otherwise it will be very partial by the followers. The follwoers seems like blind for the Charisma of the said.
The normal people speak about his involvement in so called saving "Hinduism" in Mumbai. Afterall thats why we call him a leader, his cheerful motivation in "call of save" has caused him a lot trouble by now. The over wehlming responses are always lead him to a confinement but the follwoers save him by the strikes and riot. The difference between corruption and shrewd politics is very subtle. The personal enrichment can be said as "Human Weakness" as long as the political stimulus is maintened. Masses are aware of this and they don't care. We can sayt it is the by-product of democracy. We cannot avoid or otherwise all will be like "Harishchandra". Nobody is perfect human neither do our politicians.

This leader is famous for the "Remote Control", they call him so, having direct control over the influential politics. Thackerey had always been influencing politics. It can treated well in same manner as we can treat RSS having influencial control over central govt. The ministers keeping a consent of Thackeray for all the decisions he is making.

Somebody has said it right, When hopes are bound within the structures of the party the close relation between aspiration and loyalty reinforces the myth of unconditional devotion to the centre of command. Charisma is thus just as much the grooming of an image as an organisational principle.