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Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Mahendra Agarwal is Concerned...

Mahendra has lotsa questions on corruptions but has it not been known to anybody. the questions and their explainations are very simple like WHO IS THE MOST CORRUPT INDIAN OF ALL? - Laloo Prasada Yadav. Do they carry any meaning or they are just from the reports.
We all know, must be having a concesus for the slowed speed of national development is the side product of the corruption in India. Still the blame is passed from one place to other for the reason saying they are the culprits.
In my opinion, when the one bread or roti is to be split in more than one person, the corruption starts. The fight for the shared resource which may be the food, shelter or anything we may guess gets into the corruption in order to have a pleasant looking end. The bribe is just the token to bypass the line for the resource. Apply this anywhere, a builder bribing the Govt officer for getting the contract out of the normal bidding process.
Bottomline, it is not the corruption that is bad, bad is the mentality and its founder named merciless and ever growing POPULATION...