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Tuesday, December 03, 2002

How to Write a Windows XP Driver
MSDN is a vast resource of information indeed. Still I feel, it is half way for the DDK. In case of DDK and XP drivers more you explore more it gets confusing. this attempt is for making the related resources right at the single contact page. To begin with a person needs at least a suitable machine where he can install and play around with the system. If you are having a good working system, please understand that it is no more be useful. You keep all your restore CDs close by may be you will have to reinstall the operating system itself. I am very sure for atleast 30% times the WinXP System Restore will not work at all.
While reading and searching more, I find the same SDLC (Systems Developement Life Cycle) getting repeated for Driver development also at a very vague level. 1) Requirements : Understand the Device needs and the Operating System Level Concepts. 2) Design : Decide at earlier stage, what you want an how you want. 3) Build-Test-Debug : The Key to better driver and avoiding the Win fame BSD (Blue Screen of Death). 4) Package it: Gift-wrap is needed for proper distribution. Support is indeed not needed... offcourse I am kidding, but being developer I never liked to support. Check out more from horse's mouth.