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Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Support is Life
Software Support is like the nightmare for Software professionals. As I think more on this I feel the difference as they are becoming like the Call center representatives. Working through the same kind of work style and processes people happen to feel corruption of knowledge. In the field like software we should definitely keep ourselves updated but never at the cost of work and also support support the systems but not at the cost of our job satisfaction.
Here comes the difference between an IT professional and IS professional. Life of IT professional on a single project is only 1-2 years where as an IS professional can work on the same kind of work for years.
All IT professionals tend to feel the brain drain. They frustrate to the level of resigning. Resignation is not the solution I think.
When I rethink I get the problem in more detail as there is only support coming up in almost all enterprises. So the thrill remains in these change of employer and salary. It only justifies when you really want to get more benifits.
So if the settled life is needed stick to the same employer...